Christmas Tree = Garage Cleanout

Well it's about time I posted my Christmas tree! Since this was the first Christmas my husband and I lived in a house, I got to buy my first tree! I was going for a modern twist on old glamour, and was very pleased with the ornaments I found. So what does this have to do with Garage Cleanout? Well, my husband wasn't a fan of the tree, or any tree for that matter. He couldn't wait for me to take it down. So in mid-January I told him I wasn't going to take it down until he cleaned out the garage, because I didn't care how long the tree was up. I came home from work two days later to an immaculately clean garage and the tree box sitting right next to the tree! Ladies, I highly suggest using this tactic next year, whether it's your garage, basement or storage room, worked like a charm.


breahn23 said...

Hi Megan! Its me, Brea. (haha, that rhymes) I googled and found your blog. Lookin' good!

Sara said...

Like the blog, seems like you're collecting inspiration for future design projects. The tree is beautiful. Great to see you when you were in town a few weeks ago!

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