Dog + Mud + Fence = Martini

So this is my pup, Grumpy. My husband and I adopted/rescued him from Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue last October. He's around seven months, and already 70 pounds! So, just a little story about how my week has been going...the climax of my week happened last night, and yes, it has to do with the dog. (Although I did burn my neck earlier this week with my curling iron, and it looked like a hickey all day at work.)

All day I was a little jittery from my normal morning latte. I never get that way so I'm not sure what was going on with that, but I couldn't really focus and it was driving me nuts. My husband is out of town on a guy's ski trip, I know, lucky him, but that means I am on solo dog duty. I work 30 minutes from home so it's a little bit of a hassle say if I wanted to go to happy hour or something. But I love the thing, so what can you do?

I go home to let him out and usually if he is about to eat he comes right back in. Well our neighbors are dog-sitting three little yippie dogs, in addition to the two they already have. So if you passed second grade you would know that means five little yippie dogs, all yipping at the same time. Grumpy couldn't resist running to the back of the yard (chain-link fence on all sides), but unfortunately the back of the yard could be classified as a mud pond. There is actual standing water in mud because we've had so much rain and Grumpy likes to run in the same spot, plus a little digging.

Back to the point, so he is right up on the fence with the yippers and he realizes if he starts pushing he can probably slide under the fence and go play with all the dogs. It was a sad moment where I was helpless, standing in the backyard in my nice work clothes, and the neighbor is also in her yard. Please make a mental video of what you are about to read; so as soon as he gets under the fence and starts running around with the dogs (just remember he's 70 pounds, the little dogs are probably less than 10 each), I take off for the house because there is no way I am ruining my clothes! I change into whatever I can find, grab the leash and run back outside, through the mud, hop the fence and start chasing him around while he is chasing the five yippers. (Later that night I was thinking, if I was a neighbor watching this whole thing go down, I'd be laughing hysterically!) I try to keep in mind that he is just a puppy that wants to play, but I am so pissed it's very hard. So the neighbor says, "If you want to go in on a fence, we'll do it." So yes, a 6-foot privacy fence is in my future.

Of course this happens while my husband is out of town...and you thought it was over, it gets worse. So because of the whole dog/fence incident, I am thinking a martini or two would be good. So I pour number two in my kitchen and start walking back to the couch where I am about to watch the season finale of Lipstick Jungle and my cell phone charger (that I am also carrying) catches on a drawer and my martini goes flying through the air and all over the kitchen floor. Let's just say it was more than a one-pad Swifer job. And yes, I made my self another one after spilling my sanity all over the floor.

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