My trip to Austin

Here are some pics from my trip to see my friend Camille in Austin, Texas. This is a couch at a boutique called Adelante. It's the same couch/fabric that was on the first cover of Domino. Also at Adelante. It was just so cute! Lamp at Anthropologie. I love going into stores in different cities because they are all so different. The Anthropologie in Austin is gorgeous. Then there is the dessert counter at Whole Foods. I was drooling a little. I believe Whole Foods is based out of Austin, and this was their flagship store. Massive! You must go there for lunch if you are in Austin. Camille, me and her roommate Lauren at dinner at Guero's. Yummy Tex Mex. The sangria was grrrrreat! Other places I don't have photos of must must mention are Jo's for breakfast/coffee, Mercury for home decor and Peyton's Place for clothing.

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