SATC lived up to the hype!

Me and my girls (Left to Right: Beth, me, Marge, Brea) went to see Sex and the City on Monday night. It was perfectly uncrowded. We couldn't find the poster so we took a photo outside the theater...tacky? I don't think so! I love to remember great moments in my life with a photo. We had a wonderful time at dinner, drinking cosmos and listening to Margaret dish about her honeymoon before going to the movie. I thought the movie lived up to all the expectations and hype. I didn't feel so crazy taking a photo when I got on facebook today and there were tons of SATC photos from the movies! I love how everyone dressed up for the movies like people used to.

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C.Flower said...

Yay. You're back. Excellent. I too enjoyed SATC. I actually enjoyed it so much I went ballistic on my blog responding to a Tampa film critic's review of the movie.
You girls look dashing in this picture. Are you Carrie?

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