Kris Nations Jewelry

Couldn't resist these silver and black onyx earrings today, so they are on the way to my house...even better, they were half price! Unfortunately I'm one of those unlucky people who can't wear fake earrings very often or my ears won't allow earrings for a few days, so I have to buy all real silver and gold. This can be a good and/or bad thing. You can see more of Kris Nations work here.

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Michael said...

There are few useful tips regarding handling of jewellery:

1. Respect the preciousness of your jewellery. Never wear jewellery when doing household works, like cleaning, cooking or gardening. Wear jewellery for proper occasions or celebrations, which are special for you.

2. Avoid any kind of chemical contact with your diamond jewellery. Your nail polish removers, perfumes, hairspray, and other cosmetics can be harmful for jewellery due to presence of chemicals. These chemical can reduce your jewellery shining caused by polishing.

3. When not in use, place your jewellery items in the boxes or cases specially made for them, which are provided by your jewellery manufactures at the time of buying jewellery.

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