Summer of Dresses No. 3 : Work Appropriate

Some of these dresses need a couple extra inches to really be work appropriate, but you get the jist.
ECI New York, Nordstrom

Loeffler Randall, Shopbop

See by Chloe, Shopbop

See by Chloe, Shopbop

Wendy Katlen, Goldyn

ABS, Nordstrom

Maggy London, Nordstrom

Max & Cleo, Nordstrom

Mint Jodi Arnold, Shopbop



Chrystle said...

Wow..! Nice collection. Summer is perfect season for lots of shopping and fun. Those summer dresses are Absolutely gorgeous..!

Dayena said...

Awesome collection of beautiful summer dresses. Well, Summer is a time for sun, showing of your tan legs, and not being in school.

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