Ah-ha Moment followed by Big Decision

So I am basically changing my entire kitchen. We are putting hardwoods in, painting the cabinets black, putting up some wallpaper (Macintosh Rose from Graham & Brown), repainting the walls some shade of gray, new countertops, backsplash, cabinet hardware...pretty much you name it, we are changing it. But I can't decide my accent color! The main colors are gray, white and black, but I need to figure out a palette...that's when I saw them. The Martha Stewart 6-Piece Melamine Bowl Set. It basically called out to me You Complete Me. But it gets a little more complex...I don't have a KitchenAid mixer yet! So I really need to think about the color (my husband thinks I'm crazy, but I know you all understand how important picking out your color is!). So the colors in the running are below.

Left to right: Pistachio (always had a soft spot for this one but feel like it's a big commitment), White (super practical, will always go with any kitchen), Red (oh so tempting)

Left to right: Ice (not sure if this will go...), Gray (will match every kitchen, but is it boring?), Green Apple (risky...)

And then you thought, how could this decision get any harder?...well, I've also got my eye on some Le Creuset, but I won't go there...yet.


chanief said...

RED! Without a doubt. Take the plunge (you know you wanna!)

Morgan G. said...

i vote pistachio--i have it and i love it!!!!
plus--i totally understand your obsession with those martha bowls--i about attacked those things when i saw them in the store! how does martha do it?

Aspasia said...

If I may add my two cents: I think green apple is one of those colours that actually go well with a lot of other colours (in small amounts, at least). I also like pistachio.

Really enjoying your blog, btw.

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