Is 30-something the new 20-something?

So yesterday was my friend's 30th birthday. She's smart, beautiful, has a great career, awesome husband, perfectly decorated home, and an adorable wardrobe (although I'm sure she'd disagree). Before her birthday we had a conversation about being 30 and if it was scary or weird, and she wasn't sweating over it at all, so why am I so weird about turning 30? I've got four years and seven months before the big day and I'm already dreading it. Is it because my metabolism has already started to slow and I can't imagine it getting any slower? Is it because I am now seeing athletes and "young" Hollywood stars that are (gasp) younger than me? Is it because anytime I go out-out I feel like the most conservatively dressed person there? Is it because I hear "You are just like your mother!" a little too often? Probably a combination of those and millions of other things, but at the same time I think my late-20s and 30s will be great! More financial stability, hopefully a flourishing career (my own business perhaps), more frequent vacations...and shopping, and I assume the older you get, the more you understand about life. So I think I'm just going to chill out about turning 30, but I'm not promising any chilling out on the giving birth subject...that's for another day.

The photo above was our gift to the birthday girl. Wish I could say it was my idea because it is so cute, but it wasn't. I haven't been in a photo booth since middle school, so I didn't bring any props besides my little "you" sign, which didn't show up very well (second from the right). Now I know to come prepared for next time.


C.Flower said...

Such a cool photo. You and your girls look adorable. What a kick-ass idea. Where was the photo booth?

And yes, I have faith that my 30s will be better than my 20s. Financial security is the biggie. Contentment is another. (;

If 30 is the new 20, I can't wait to be 40, when 70 is the new 60.

Keep posting longer prose like this. I always love your pictures, but I enjoy your writing too.

Jeanee said...

LOVE the PHOTO! Yall look so kewt!

Your age is what you make of it. No one thinks I'm going to be 34 in 3 weeks!

Yeah you think in your 20's you'll be more financially stable. But sometimes things happen. You get laid off, you decide to start your own business, a family member gets sick, or you have triplets. You'll never know.

Each experience shapes us and you do learn things along the way.

That's my 2 cents.

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