Pillowcase Surprise

On Thursday nights I always go out to dinner with three of my best friends. It's our sacred time each week to hang out and talk. Our husbands and significant others know that this night is pretty much untouchable unless it's something really important. So I was out at Bravo having a few lemontinis and a great time; didn't think the night could get any better. When I got home my husband was already in bed watching TV, which I thought was unusual considering it wasn't even 10 p.m., but I just went with it and got in bed. As I was rearranging my pillows out fell a box with a new Canon Powershot camera! We are leaving for Puerto Rico on a vacation next week and had been talking about getting a new camera since our old one is archaic. It was such a great surprise. He loves to surprise me, and I love to receive them.

Some of you may be thinking, why the heck did he put it in your pillowcase? But there is a funny story behind that. When we lived in Florida three years ago, randomly one night he wanted to play a little joke on me and he put one of my 5 lb free weights in my pillowcase before I got into bed, thinking I'd lay my head down and be like, what the heck is in my pillowcase?! Well, it didn't exactly go as planned. For some reason that night I decided to sit up and slam my head down on my pillow. I never do that! I have no idea what possessed me to do it that night, but let me tell ya, it was not so funny at the time. As soon as my head hit the pillow tears were streaming down my face. C felt so bad! He was just trying to play a funny joke on me. Now I think the story is hilarious and I am laughing while I write this.

**Addition to story: I was informed by my sister that I have the wrong camera pictured. My husband actually got me the ten mega pixel and I have the six mega pixel showing. Oops! And yes, I love my camera and it takes great photos!

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C.Flower said...

Aw Meg. I love this story. I love the fact that your husband puts a 5-lb. weight in your pillow and assumes you'll gingerly lay your head down at night ...

Shit, who doesn't flop their head on their pillow like a ton of bricks when they're exhausted, especially when working for a certain newspaper in Florida, in Season.

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