10 Things I Learned in 2008

1. That my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator helped explain my brain. Click here if you want to learn about what the MBTI is. Basically you take a really long quiz and it measures you in four areas on a percentage between two words. The categories are a) Extroversion/Introversion (EI) b) Sensing/Intuition (SN) c) Thinking/Feeling (TF) and d) Judging/Perceiving (JP). When you are done it will give you four letters (where your higher percentage was for that category), one from each category and your percentage for that letter. Why this was such a breakthrough for me is that if your percentages in each category are lower than 5% that means you can switch between either side of the category on any day. I am a definite E, but for the rest I was under 5%. I think this is rare to have three categories in which you are within 5%, but it really explains my brain and how I think.

2. That my metabolism isn't the same as it used to be. I've been in denial for a few years.

3. That cooking isn't as hard as I thought it would be.

4. That I need to take my own advice.

5. That expensive vodka is worth it.

6. That there aren't enough hours in each day (and disposable income in my account) to do all the things I want to do...like paint a series, mock up a game idea, read a lot of books and magazines, own a clothing boutique, a home decor/furniture store and a gallery, be an interior decorator, start a charity (goes along with a painting series I am doing), and do confidence/career seminars or presentations (specifically at high schools and colleges).

7. That my short-term memory is terrible. And my long-term. Oh geez.

8. That I am messier than I want to be, but it's a controlled organized mess, usually just in my office or in a corner of my bedroom.

9. That foil and saran wrap boxes have little tabs on the sides that you push in to keep the rolls in the box when you are trying to use them. Seriously, go check yours! Can you believe you never knew that?!? My husband's grandmother saw it on Ellen and enlightened me on Christmas.

10. That I hate cold weather even more than last year.


MoonGoddess said...

great list & dang it... you are so right! Why didn't anyone ever tell us about those tabs?? The should do a commercial or something on them!


Meg Biram said...

I know! I couldn't believe my eyes!

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