How to be happier?

I read this survey in the January Real Simple magazine and found it to be interesting and somewhat disturbing. They surveyed 2,600 women and men on their key to happiness. (I don't know what things people had to choose from but here are the top ten for both.
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10 Things that would make Women and Men Happier:

No. 1
Women: A permanently clean home.
Men: A big house.

No. 2
Women: A luxury trip.
Men: A really romantic relationship.

No. 3
Women: A big house.
Men: A luxury trip.

No. 4
Women: Losing 10 pounds.
Men: Being smarter.

No. 5
Women: A great body.
Men: A luxury car.

No. 6
Women: Time for themselves.
Men: A better sex life.

No. 7
Women: A really romantic relationship.
Men: A great body.

No. 8
Women: Being smarter.
Men: A permanently clean house.

No. 9
Women: Saying "no" more.
Men: Losing 10 pounds.

No. 10
Women: A luxury car.
Men: Having a personal assistant.

This just made me think, wow...if we were all skinny, rich and lived in huge houses we'd all behappy, right!?! (I hope you can sense the sarcasm.) A permanently clean house I can understand, but a big house, luxury trip and luxury car in the top ten! What about things like, a job I am really passionate about, spending more time with my family and friends, or more time for traveling.
Another thing that surprised me was that both said a really romantic relationship. Seems like something (if you are currently in a relationship) that you could easily work on. I think that sometimes if you start doing the things for your partner that you know they want, they become happier, and then they start doing things they know you want...just a suggestion.
At No. 9 women said saying "no" more. Seems like if women actually did this, that would solve No. 6 which is time for themselves. After being overly involved in college I learned my "saying no" lesson, and I am so glad I did!

Also on the page was 5 Secret Wishes of Women and Men:

No. 1
Women: A spouse who makes more money.
Men: Telling his boss exactly how he feels.

No. 2
Women: Plastic surgery.
Men: A spouse who is better in bed.

No. 3
Women: Telling her boss exactly how she feels.
Men: A spouse who makes more money.

No. 4
Women: More kids.
Men: More kids.

No. 5
Women: Separate bathrooms.
Men: Separate vacations.

What I found most interesting here was that men said separate vacations. My husband and I are independent people that trust each other completely. We often take separate vacations with our friends and I think that they are wonderful! Time with your friends is really important. As long as nothing shady goes on...

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