The next Martha?

So after almost three years of marriage I decided I was actually going to try to start cooking. I have a love/hate relationship with food. Not because I have a problem with it but because I am so picky! You name it, texture, taste, sliminess (yes, I said sliminess), I'm one of those people! So for all you picky eaters out there, I feel you! Everyone always makes you pick the restaurant because you are the picky one. Or your husband makes you decide what's for dinner, because you are the picky one. Well let me tell all you non-picky eaters, being picky really sucks! You can't choose your taste buds, just like you can't choose your DNA. So after years of saying that I'm not good at cooking, or I will never cook, I finally gave in. Bought myself a cute apron and dug into all those cookbooks I got for our wedding. It's been about six months or so, and I think I have finally come to understand a few things about food. I finally know the difference between shallots and scallions. I know where to find orzo in the store (not in the pasta aisle, but in the rice aisle). But this past Saturday took my enjoyment of cooking to a new level. I had a small dinner party, and I let Martha show me the way on some parmesan risotto, and let me tell you, it was amazing! I'm sure some of you are probably laughing out loud but I really had no desire to know anything about cooking until recently. I mean I even ate walnuts...in a salad! I've never had walnuts before and wasn't a huge fan of salads. I loved this salad so much I made it again last night and even brought it into work today! I think I've turned a new chapter in life, but I doubt I'll aspire to be the next Martha, Top Chef or Food Network Star.

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