9 Goals for 2009

So instead of saying "resolutions" I decided to say "goals" and they aren't just for 2009, but for life in general. I thought by posting them and seeing how I was doing each week or month I could keep motivated.

1. Use my gym membership...often. Instead of saying "lose weight" or "tone up" I opted for using something I am paying for. Because neither of the other ways to describe it have worked to motivate me, so I'm going to go this route.
In the first 10 days of January I went 3 times and am going today right after this post. I'm already dressed. The goal is to go 3-4 times a week.

2. Bring my coffee and lunch to work with me as often as possible to a) save money and b) eat healthier. I work in a large company and we have our own Starbucks inside. It's just so convenient. We also have a cafeteria and cafe in the building and lots of close restaurants so it's very easy to not bring your lunch.
This one has been going really well. I think I've brought my coffee every day but one and the one day I didn't I just drank tea instead which I have a box already at work. I've also been good at bringing at least half of my lunch with me each day if not all of it.

3. Really listen. I hate to say this, but like my mother I am really good at toning things out. Sometimes this is to my advantage, but other times not so much. Also goes hand-in-hand with not being forgetful.
Nothing significant to report here.

4. Paint! Paint! Paint!
Paintings started or finished in 2009 so far: 0

5. Keep up on my magazines and tear outs. I feel the need to explain this. Like many other creatives who have mood boards and idea books, I also do. But I subscribe to countless magazines and they tend to stack up for a year or so before I go back through them. I've been on a big purge for a few months now and have gone through over half of them. So I need to go through the rest, then organize the pages and put them in their binders or books. It's an ongoing process, but it just needs to get under control.
I did a lot of this right before Christmas, and have done more since, but think this cold day is prime for some tear out action.

6. Cook more often and learn some new recipes.
This is something I started doing last summer and it's been going well. In December I made my first chili, and I must say it was pretty kick-ass, thanks to my Aunt Cathy's recipe. I recently made my mother-in-laws banana pudding layer cake for my husband and he said it was the best thing ever. How was I supposed to know he loved banana pudding cake?!?

7. Start writing/mocking up some of my ideas.
None of this has happened yet. I'm also trying to convince my husband to do the same.

8. Send my grandparents letters and photos more often. Now that everything is digital for some reason going to CVS or Walgreens to get photos printed seems like it takes forever.
I am doing fine so far.

9. Do more to show my husband how much I love him. Sorry for the cheese.
2 that I can recall so far.


Breahn said...

I am very pleased to see that you have listed keeping up with your tear outs as one of your New Year's resolutions. :)

C.Flower said...

Yay! Banana pudding cake. I need that recipe. I love resolution No. 5 too, Breahn. Meg's magazine tear-out habit reminds me of being 16 - when we all had Teen Bop tear-outs on our walls.

Sarah G said...

What do you consider this blog?!?! If I were, I'd call this one FULFILLED!

7. Start writing/mocking up some of my ideas.
None of this has happened yet. I'm also trying to convince my husband to do the same.

Blogging is writing. Think about it.

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