The Dailies: Carrie

Sorry I haven't been posting regularly. I was sick and have been catching up!

This is the last of the Sex and the City Dailies. I watched the movie while sick, so I had some extra inspiration!

Carrie's Fashion: Antik Batik dress, Net-A-Porter
*I loooooooove this dress!!!

Carrie's Art: Dancer Adjusting her Slipper, 1873, Edgar Degas

Carrie's Interior: Domino

Carrie's Book: Love Letters of Great Men, Ursula Doyle, Barnes & Noble

*So I found out that the book in the movie didn't really exist, but I guess I wasn't the only one looking for it. Since all of the letters referenced in the film did exist, Ursula Doyle decided it needed to be published, Thanks Ursula, I will be getting a copy!

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