Not-so-Thin Mints

Whoever decided that Girl Scout cookies are delivered in January should be shot. Just as we're all trying to eat healthy and go to the gym, the little girls with the cute smiles come to collect our money (which we don't have now that it's after the holidays) and give us boxes full of ungodly amounts of calories. We wanted them in December when we were all telling ourselves "I'll eat whatever I want in December, because in January I'll be going on a diet and using my treadmill that has laundry drying all over it..." We all justify this because we are going to countless holiday parties with food and alcoholic beverages and not to mention our mother or grandmother's house and god knows she uses real butter and sugar in dishes that we can't resist because we only get them once a year.

Seriously, Girl Scout cookies in January?!?

Thank goodness I started putting my Thin Mints in the freezer where I usually forget about them and only eat them randomly when I open the freezer for something else. I put them in the freezer because of a bad Thin Mint experience I had in college. It was my junior or senior year and I had ordered 3 boxes of minty goodness for myself (why would anyone do that?) and instead of letting them last at least a month I was like a dog on a raw T-bone (which is another story for later). I kid you not, I ate those three boxes of Thin Mints in five days. I literally smelled like Thin Mint that had sprouted legs and was walking around campus.

I didn't order any cookies the next year.


MoonGoddess said...

Just the sight of that cookie pictured is making me drool! Thankfully I have yet to cross paths with any girl scouts or I would cave for a box.

I also stash them in the fridge & love the extra crunch they get from being chilled!

Sarah G said...

I seriously laughed outloud. My cube neighbors are going to think I'm nuts.

My favorite place to see Girl Scouts is outside the grocery store. Just after I've passed aisle after aisle of ice cream and cookies, there they are for one last tempatation...jerks.

Heidi said...

Ladies, ladies. Let's give some love to the peanut butter Tagalongs, please.

Meg: I can relate to your 500-cookies-in-one-sitting story. During college, I once came home after a long shift at TGI Fridays only to devour an entire JAR of Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies.

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