Words That Don't Exist but Should: Work

I thought it necessary to post a few words from The Daily Candy Lexicon.

Work Words Edition

AIM: acronym. To Actively Ignore Messages from annoying chat buddies while blaming the server for the lost connection.

Bluetoothsome: adj. Word describing someone so attractive that his/her hotness is not significantly diminished by the wearing of a bluetooth earpiece.

Conferrence Crawl: n. The incredible physics-defying manner in which time slows down during a conference call.

E-maul: v. To stalk someone via e-mail.

MEGO: acronym. My Eyes Glaze Over. The drugged-out sensation one gets when poring over spreadsheets or instruction manuals.

Promotion Sickness: n. The queasy feeling one gets when someone really stupid gets promoted.

Reply-Arrhea: n. E-mail incontinence; an inability to stop e-mailing.

Wishful Drinking: v. To drink excessively on a wintery night based on the desire for work to be canceled the next morning due to snow.

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