Mental Muse No. 1

I love this little game Table Topics. It's just a deck of cards with questions on them. Good for road trips or the usually boring office-get-to-know-you-games. I have the Girls Night Out version, and I think the questions are interesting and I thought I'd pose the questions at least once a week and I'd love to know your answers and opinions!

Question No. 1

Do women dress for men or for other women?

M&M: I mostly dress for other women, gay or very metro men. My husband doesn't necessarily "get" my outfits.


Elizabeth said...

Ha! Just saw these in the card shop. I have the "couples" version. My BF cringes when he sees me pull them out.
As for my answer: other women. if we dressed for our men, we might as well be naked.

Erin Wear said...

I don't think I dress for either. I dress for me, whatever is cozy for the day.

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