Mothers & Daughters

I loved this piece Domino did on the interiors of mothers and daughters. Probably should have waited until Mother's Day to post it, oh well!

Celerie Kemble, decorator for Kemble Interiors, Inc., and her mother, Mimi McMakin, also a decorator for Kemble Interiors, Inc.
I love how Mimi embraces her messiness, or what I like to call, organized piles. I also love the colors in Celerie's office.

Gun Nowak and her daughter, Marina Arfwidson, co-owners of Face Stockholm Cosmetics.
I love the idea of having comfy chairs around a table. Perfect for my friends to come over and chat over coffee, tea or wine!

Lorraine Kirke, store owner/designer and her daughter, Lola Kirke.
Loving the uninhibited feminine decor.

Talbott Maxey and her mother Kit Pannill.
I can see why these ladies are related! I don't think I could choose between the doors, they are both amazing!

Loida Nicolas, CEO of TLC Beatrice and her daughter, Christina Lewis, reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

British decorator Nina Campbell, and her daughter, decorator Rita Konig.

*All info from Domino article.

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