9 Goals Update

I'm going to update on my 9 Goals for 2009 every other month.
*Photo from the trip my husband and I took to Puerto Rico in October 2008. We stayed at La Concha, and I highly recommend it!

1. Times I went to the gym in January & February: 19
I was sick for 10 days in January, so I feel the need to factor that in. I'm satisfied with this number, but would like it to be more. I've recently (thanks to my husband) started to push myself harder on the treadmill and it's been great!

2. Taking my coffee and lunch to work.
January was good, February not as much. But I usually take part of my lunch each day. I haven't had a latte since 2008, coffee only, much cheaper! And I brought a big cup to work for water instead of paying 15 cents for a big styrofoam cup every day, plus it is much better for the environment. This goal is an easy way to save money, which I know everyone is trying to do right now. And I figured one thing out...if I don't go anywhere (i.e. Target, The Plaza, etc.), I won't spend money there. Working like a charm, and I'm getting a lot more done around the house on the weekends.

3. Really listen.
Doing well. But I think I need to add on to this goal with thinking before speaking and acting.

4. Paintings done so far: 0
This is sad and disappointing, but due to the progress on No. 5.

5. Keep up with my magazine tear outs.
I am happy to report my giant bookshelf full of magazines is now down to just two stacks!!! Although my Domino and Elle Decor's are safely in magazine butlers. But this also means I have stacks and folders full of those tear outs which will have to be organized into binders...that's what I'm currently working on.

6. Cook more often and try new recipes.
Not so much new recipes happening, but we pretty much aren't going out to eat anymore so cooking is happening a lot. We are going to try to eat everything in our pantry! All those boxes and canned goods that stay in there for months or years we are hoping to clean out.

7. Writing and mocking up ideas.
A friend of mine commented on my previous post about how I am accomplishing this by having this blog, which yes, I am in one way, but I also have an entire Moleskine devoted to ideas that need attention.

8. Writing my grandma more often.
I'm aiming for once a week and so far this is working!

9. Being thoughtful, especially for my husband.
I could definitely step it up here in the husband area. I guess it's just really hard for me because I'm never sure what he'll like or think is cheesy. I typically will write him a card and leave it when I leave for work. Anyone got any ideas? But I did surprise a friend of mine for her birthday, which is definitely one of my more thoughtful ideas.

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