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Each year DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) has an event called Gardens by Design. Last year I did all the graphic design for the event and went on the tour.
This is the second spring my husband and I have lived in our house, and we decided it's time to invest in the landscaping. We (or I should say my husband, brother and uncle) built a 6' privacy fence because our dogs (Grumpy and Stella) were able to jump the existing fence, and it just looks a lot nicer than chain link. From running along the back side of the fence Grumpy and Stella have pretty much turned it into a mud pit that retains water whenever it rains, hence a huge pain-in-the-a** for us every time we let them out. So this year we are trying to figure out the solution to that and landscaping around the rest of our house, of course on a budget. But I wanted to post these photos of my favorite homes and gardens in Kansas City from the 2008 Gardens by Design tour as a little inspiration. Will post before and after pics of our house when completed...we'll see when that happens.

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C.Flower said...

And thank you for this bit of inspiration. Joe and I started working on our back yard last weekend. I knew I could turn to your site for help.

You're brilliant.

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