Mental Muse No. 2

Which chores do you enjoy and which do you despise?

I actually get some sort of satisfaction out of vacuuming, but my husband usually does that one. I don't mind dusting and if my laundry weren't in the basement, I wouldn't really mind doing that either. But I really dislike letting my dogs out and feeding them in the morning, not sure why but it drives me crazy. I really hate cleaning the shower/tub, more than the toilet, weird I know.

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C.Flower said...

I hate vacuuming because my mother made us do it every day. Well, every other day it seemed. Well, at least every weekend.

I enjoy doing the laundry. My dryer sheets smell like clouds. Or at least what I imagine clouds might smell like.

I don't mind doing dishes either. The scrubbing is cathartic.

Oh, and I love giving the pug showers!

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