No pool, No problem!

I understand that even though I love going to the pool, getting one in my backyard for this summer isn't exactly, well feasible. I'd also really love a new outdoor dining set, not that my grandparents old one isn't doing the job, because it is, and most importantly, it was free, but it would be nice to have one that was a little more modern. Since these things don't really fit into our "budget" (or maybe I should just say they aren't high on the priority list), I'd gladly accept one of these fine loungers so I could sit outside on my deck with coffee or wine, in the morning or evening, or heck even to get a tan! And I say budget with a humorous undertone, considering my husband and I are trying to find a hot tub (for a good price) because that is something we talk about wishing we had all the time! It usually goes like this, "Man, it's a beautiful night...wish we had a hot tub," or "Gosh, that was a hard workout, my muscles are gonna be sore...wish we had a hot tub." These things are said pretty much every single day. I've come to realize that I think my best chance of getting some outdoor bliss is probably a lounger. Although I'm staying optimistic about the hot tub.

Wood-slat double lounger, West Elm

Square Metal Lounger, West Elm

Bask Sun Lounger, CB2

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