A Peek into my Kitchen

I've talked about how last fall my husband and I basically gutted our kitchen and changed almost everything about it. While I don't currently have an after photo to match the angle of the before photo, I will do so once our now broken dishwasher gets put back into place...grrr. Anyway, here are a few pieces of the kitchen. Above is the aqua chandelier from PBTeen, the wallpaper is Macintosh Rose from Graham & Brown, and we installed wainscoting and a chair rail and painted all the walls a shade of gray. (All these photos are a little blown out, will take more photos in the daylight.)

These are the cabinets that I, yes I, stripped and sanded to bare wood, primed and painted, and reinstalled with all new hardware. I do not recommend doing this unless you have a high tolerance for the sound of sanding and a large amount of dust, oh, and the smell of oil-based paint. It definitely was worth it when finished, but was a lot of work just for the cabinets. If you don't have the stamina, just hire someone.

My husband installed the subway tile backsplash, the counter and the under-cabinet lighting. He's very good at lots of handy things. We like to keep our limited counter space pretty free and clear.

These are the hardwood floors that my husband and I installed (I was basically just his little helper considering he installs floors for a living, although my entire body was sore for days after putting this floor in).


Christi B. Steckel said...

love, love, love your kitchen and dining area. You've done some great things since I was there! Can't wait for you to visit and help me!

C.Flower said...

This is YOUR kitchen? I thought you were posting pics from a design site. Well done, Meg! What a great color choice for your cabinets! And the hardwood floors ... ahhhh!

Love it! How rewarding too - to have done it all yourself.

I'm so proud of you guys!

PS. The chandelier is awesome.

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