Top o' the mornin' to ya!

For St. Patrick's Day (as my friend Breahn would say "My people's holiday") I decided to post (usually embarrassing) photos of me and my large Irish Catholic family. *The rest will come later in the day* but to start here is the most embarassing one. I was in elementary school (St. Therese Catholic School) and every year my grandpa would build a float, and our entire family would be in the Snake Saturday parade in North Kansas City, and the actual Kansas City St. Patrick's Day parade. I loved that I would get out of school on St. Patrick's Day to be in the parade. This specific year, (and the best float that I can remember) is in this photo. My grandpa and uncle's built the frame of the house and hung crap all over it and we were The Hillbillies, but with an Irish twist. I think we actually won something that year, not sure.

Things I love about this photo:
1. My coat. I really loved that coat.
2. That my pink gloves match the pink in my coat.
3. My cousin Adam's a) large teeth b) blue teeth, most likely from a sucker.
4. My acid washed jeans.
5. The rubber chicken hanging from the frame of the house above Adam's head.

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