Veggie Tales

Two Artichokes, Clare Malloy, Tory Folliard Gallery

I think I've written before about how I am an extremely picky eater. Not just a texture thing, but I really genuinely don't like the taste of a lot of foods. I now think there may be hope for me. Most of my problems usually had to do with veggies. I pretty much only ate raw carrots and potatoes until recently when I started eating tomatoes (fruit/veggie, whatever) and baby spinach lettuce. But last night I could not believe that I ate 4 vegetables in one meal! I am still in shock myself, and for those of you who know me, I can see your jaws dropping to the floor. Besides a salad, last night, I ate squash (spaghetti squash to be exact), a baked sweet potato and cauliflower mash (basically using cauliflower instead of potatoes for mashed potatoes). And I actually like the three new veggies I tried! I cleaned my plate and went for seconds! Kansas City Farmers' Market...here I come! I think I'll have to get the book In Season: Cooking Fresh from the Kansas City Farmers' Market, written by Julienne Gehrer, a fellow Hallmarker. You can get the at Ash Grove Press. What was ironic about this very healthy meal and my veggie expedition is that right before we ate we (meaning my mom, sister and brother-in-law) were watching the story of Alice Waters' Crusade for Better Food on 60 Minutes. A very interesting story worth your time.

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C.Flower said...

Holy crap. There's hope for Joe! There's hope for you all!

BTW: My mother is so obsessed with artichoke she recently made cushions for her barstools out of an artichoke print fabric.

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