Green Home in New Orleans

Why post this green home in New Orleans? Oh, just because I'm going on vacation tomorrow and that is one of my stops! I am going to Jackson, Mississippi, to visit a good friend from college, and she's going to take me around Jackson and New Orleans. Please comment (soon) and let me know if there is somewhere in Jackson or New Orleans I have to visit this weekend!

*Photos from the late Domino, and speaking of Domino, I got a postcard in the mail saying that because Domino folded, I will now be receiving Bon Appetit instead for the rest of my subscription, which I'm excited about!


tobe said...

i'm getting glamour?!?!?

C.Flower said...

I drove through Jackon, Miss. on my rode trip. I was astounded by the number of Civil War-era plantation homes. You should go rummage around one of those! Go on a tour. Take lots of pics and def. post them on here.

PS. When Radar folded I got a few free issues of SHAPE magazine. It was no consolation.

PPS. Have an awesome time!

C.Flower said...

Aw man. You already left! I hope you're checking your blog.

Plantation homes. Look for 'em. :)

alifemorefabulous said...

You're getting Bon Appetit? I'm getting Glamour apparently... which works out well, I was just thinking I kinda missed my Glamour subscription.

Hope you're having fun on your trip!

P.S. I am linking you as a Kreativ Blogger on my blog!

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