Photo Essay: 24 Hours in NOLA

Part I: Yummy in my Tummy—Beignets and Coffee

While in Jackson, Christi took me on a 24-hour authentic NOLA experience (NOLA stands for New Orleans, LA). We went down with no plans but to stay with a friend, and we ended up doing it backwards! I couldn't imagine the experience any other way, it was perfect. After driving through the French Quarter we got amazing parking and went to eat beignets from Cafe Du Monde. (Above) OMG they were AMAZING! Only $1.82 for the beignets and $1.82 for the coffee.

The aftermath. They put a napkin dispenser on the table for a reason. I couldn't take one more bite. I am salivating thinking of those beignets right now.

The outdoor patio (above) and indoor seating (below) was packed the entire time! And the takeout line was looooong.

Part II: How many drinks are in a Hurricane?

Watching Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes at the French Quarter Festival (after eating beignets). Christi insisted that I drink a hurricane from Pat O'Briens. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but trust me, I found out...the next morning.

Christi and I at a bar later that night. Forgive me, but I think it was something like The Bridgehouse or something like that. As you can see Louisiana humidity and my hair don't get along. Below is the lighting outside where we were sitting.

Part III: Magazine Street

When I say that we didn't plan anything and it turned out perfect, I was serious. The next morning when I was nursing the fury of the hurricane I had the night before, we were looking for a good place to eat breakfast while driving down Magazine Street. We drove past a place with people waiting outside and figured it was probably good if people were waiting. So we park and get our names on the list. Christi was telling me how she knew a girl in NOLA and literally two minutes later three girls walk by and I hear a "Christi?!?" Oh ya, it was her friend. She and her friends were eating there too! She told us that it was one of the best places to eat. See, worked out perfectly! Below is Surrey's Cafe & Juice Bar on Magazine St., and it was gooooood.

Above is some NOLA architecture. Wish I would have taken more photos of the houses! Below is a funky store on Magazine Street. I didn't do any damage there, but did at a cute store called Tomato that I didn't manage to get a photo of.

Part IV: Show me your Beads!

Beads from Mardi Gras are everywhere! Every tree, every house, powerlines, you name it, there are beads hanging from it! Very unique. I must say that NOLA is a special place. Definitely different that any other place I've ever been in the U.S.

***Stay tuned, tomorrow I am posting my photos from the Lower Ninth Ward and of the Make It Right (Brad Pitt) houses.

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