Photo Essay: The Lower 9th Ward

Recognize this photo from Architectural Digest? I asked Christi to drive me through the Lower Ninth Ward because I wanted to see all the damage from hurricane Katrina with my own eyes. I don't think I was at all prepared for how much damage has yet to be taken care of. The new houses that I've posted are part of the Make It Right Foundation started by Brad Pitt. See full history on the Make it Right website. I took some photos myself to compare to the AD site.

Above photo from AD. You can see in my photo below the grass and weeds on the surrounding lots have grown out.

Above: Interesting contrast between the new home being built and the two FEMA trailers. People are still living in them and it will be four years since Katrina this August!

Above: The concrete wall going from the right side of the photo to the horizon line is the new levee. I believe this is where the levee burst and caused significant damage. To the right of the levee is the Lower 9th Ward. It used to be full of houses, but as you can see in the photo from AD below, most of them were completely wiped out.

Above: All that is left in the area are the concrete slabs or blocks that the homes stood on.

Above: Can you believe there used to be homes filling this street?

Above: A lot of the buildings and homes are abandoned and still look like this building.

Above: You can see the spray-painted X's on the homes with codes for rescue workers. These are still on homes that people are currently living in and all of the ones that are vacant, as if this damage happened a few weeks ago. It was a surreal experience that gave me chills. Definitely worth going and seeing for yourself.

I couldn't help but take a photo of the Demo Diva dumpsters!


Sarah G said...

AMAZING...I'm glad you were able to drive and see these things with your own eyes. I didn't have the chance when I was in NOLA in February and regret that.

C.Flower said...

All I can say is WOW. Also: Brad Pitt – what a bleeding heart. Great post, Meg.

alifemorefabulous said...

Amazing - thanks for sharing your trip!

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