9 Goals Update (March/April)

My 9 Goals are another way of saying New Year's Resolutions. I decided to blog about them to remind myself about them. See my 9 Goals post and my first update.

1. Times I went to the gym in March/April.
Less than 20...bad, bad girl! Not an excuse, but in my defense there were two weeks in April right around my birthday where I was doing something with people every night!

2. Taking my coffee and lunch to work.
I bring fruit with me for lunch and granola bars for breakfast. Coffee, not really happening.

3. Really Listen.
Doing well.

4. Paintings completed.
Working on two right now!

5. Keep up with my magazine tear outs.
I have two binders completed and am working on more!

6. Cook more often and trying new recipes.
Considering my dishwasher is sitting in the middle of my kitchen due to a leak, I haven't been cooking a lot in the past couple weeks, but doing OK otherwise.

7. Writing and mocking up my ideas.
Working on a big one right now.

8. Writing my grandma more often.
Great! I am writing her once a week, but I need to add to this one...writing to my grandparents-in-law.

9. Being thoughtful, especially for my husband.
Honestly, he's being way more thoughtful for me...anyone got any ideas?
*This goal is the reason for the San Francisco photo at the top of this post. For our 4-year anniversary, my husband booked us tickets to San Francisco! He's super-thoughtful!

1 comment:

Blueprint Bliss said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog!

All of these goals are great... I have been working on #9 lately. I've started with the little things- making sure I have his favorite snacks in the house, making his lunch when he needs to take one... little things like that!

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