Edition by Banana Republic

On May 15th, Banana Republic is opening an accessories-only store in San Francisco called Edition. It will feature affordable limited edition women's handbag and jewelry collections along with the best of BR accessories, including shoes, personal care, eyewear, and seasonal accessories. 75% of the store will be jewelry and handbags. 40% of the jewelry and hand bags will be limited edition with 100 or less pieces in the world. The price range is from $10-$400 but more than 80% of the product will be under $100 and 50% of the product will be under $50. The best part of this is that I AM GOING TO SAN FRANCISCO soon to celebrate my 4th wedding anniversary and am making a point to go to this store! I'm so excited!!! Please comment on places I need to go, restaurants I should eat at and even where to stay...haven't booked a hotel yet!


Blueprint Bliss said...

San Francisco. How fun. Happy 4 year anniversary!

The husband and I are planning a trip for our 5 year anniversary- planning to go somewhere in November or December. I can't wait!

Looking forward to hearing about Edition. Keep us posted! -Brooke

Lauren said...

Jealous, jealous, jealous. I buy sooooo much costume jewelry from Banana! Please sneak a few pics when you go!

Camille Styles said...

Food & Wine posted this article today, "Devouring San Francisco." Might have some good ideas for your trip! http://www.foodandwine.com/blogs/mouthing-off/2009/5/6/Devouring-San-Francisco

C.Flower said...

Three things:

1.) I'm surprised Banana is opening an upscale accessories store when the economy is in the shitter.

2.) Joe and I might be going to San Francisco on our honeymoon!

3.) 4th wedding anniversary? Woah! Congrats!

fresh sodapop said...

Hey lady, congrats on your anniversary. That store is hot! let me know how cool it really is.

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