Lasagna Supremo @ Tobe's

Once a month (well, we try for once a month, sometimes we get too busy), a few of my work friends and I get together for dinner. It usually lasts late into the night with tons of laughter and wine. And sometimes Tobe's margaritas. But each person is so unique and creative that their homes and dishes reflect them and I couldn't resist sharing it with everyone. Did I mention that Tobe is a lettering artist and graphic designer...obviously by the e-invite we all received (above), she is freakishly talented!

Back Row: Tobe, Laura, Lauren
Front Row: Carrie, Me, Morgan, Amy

The table setup

Carrie's Salad (So colorful!)

Morgan's Appetizer (I'm pretty sure I ate half of this plate.)

Lauren and her tomatoes filled with goat cheese, balsalmic vinegar and walnuts...and I think there was more...I can't remember when she was telling us because I was still in shock after taking my first bite.

Below is a glimpse of Tobe's pad. She lives in a loft in downtown Kansas City. I'm in love with her brick walls, exposed beams and bold aqua accents throughout the loft and kitchen color. There is no way I could capture all the cool things she has around her home, nor do my amateur photos do it justice, but here is a glimpse.


laura said...

saturday night was a blast!!! thanks for the recap megan.

C.Flower said...

I love these dinner parties. You girls are too adorable. Tobe's pad is awesome.

PS. Lauren's tomatoes look delicious.

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