Mimi & Meg Giveaways!

I am so excited to announce that I will be starting Mimi & Meg Giveaways! For the first giveaway I will send one Mimi & Meg reader a copy of Domino The Book of Decorating.

To enter, please leave a comment on this post with your name, e-mail (so I can contact you if you are the winner), and where you get inspiration for your home. (For example, other blogs, Web sites, stores, art, etc.) Please leave your comment by Friday, May 22, and a winner will be announced by Monday, May 25!

(If you already own this book, as I assume many of you do, it would be a great gift!)


SavingDiva said...

I get inspiration from tv shows! I love looking at the VanderWoodsen-Bass apartment in Gossip Girl!

C.Flower said...

Honestly I get inspiration from your blog. In my opinion (and I'm not sucking up) you cherry pick the best interior design ideas on the whole world wide web.

Sarah G said...

I wish instead of giving away a book about decorating, you'd just come decorate my house :)

Our house was a brand new build that was "move-in ready"...we haven't done much along the lines of decorating at all in the past 2.5 years...unless framing a few photos and sticking them on the mantle counts.

ABF said...

Lately I have been getting inspiration from all the great design blogs out there. I'm shocked how many hours fly by when I am supposed to be working!


Christi B. Steckel said...

From the early journalism days at Mizzou, you've had a great eye for the creative. You inspire, impress, and involve the best of design, art, and fashion. Keep up the good work.

Amy said...

I get inspiration from reading design blogs like yours!

Anonymous said...

I get a lot of inspiration for creativity from blogs like yours, Design Sponge, and Domino. The before and after type stories give me such motivation looking around at my home realizing that it's in the "before" stage!

Blueprint Bliss said...

I get inspiration from other blogs... and magazines. I can't get rid of mine. I love to pick them up months/years later and flip back through. I am also inspired by a lot of my friends' houses!

laura said...

i get inspiration from all over. blogs, tv shows, magazines, people watching. some of my favorite blogs are:


i think i'm the only designer on earth who doesn't have this book. what a fun giveaway!!!

tobe said...

I'm obsessed!! Some of my fave references:


and, of course, my daily read:

Christi Steckel said...

I didn't really answer correctly before...take two.

I get inspiration from my friends who have unique styles, magazines such as House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Domino RIP, West Elm, Pottery Barn, and the occasional blogs such as this one, but I really need a book like this one for additional inspiration!

C. Steckel

Becca Jones said...

This is my first time visiting your blog but I love the ideas and inspiration you share. I'm sure I'll be back!

Elena said...

I get my inspiration from countless blogs (present company included). I have a section in my Google Reader called "Pretty things," that links me to all my favorite blogs. I go through it when I need a pick me up!

Thanks for the inspiration!

My Domicile Style said...

I get inspiration from so many places, House Beautiful, Style at Home, Country Living (great crafts), Architectural Digest, my old Domino mags (sad). Plus, I visit tons of blogs, to see what is out there, that is how I found yours. Meaning to buy the book, but haven't yet, so perhaps I will win one.

avant garde said...

hmmm so many places to receive inspiration. books are definitely number one or two, mags, and absolutely blogs, so much inspiration some times, i'm on overload, but it's great! i don't have this book, but i'm keeping my fingers crossed to win your giveaway! xxx (my e-mail is pulsiferrobin@gmail.com)

Lara said...

Thanks for featuring the pillow from enid!
-Lara Bobo

Eliza said...

Love your blogspot! I am a big fan of Lounge Interiors and live in Jackson. You need to stop by my store next time you are in Jackson, MS--it's called Premier Fabrics. We have great fabric-- I think y'all would really dig it! Come see me!

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