I love parrots!

Actually I don't love parrots, but it's a funny inside joke I have with some of my girlfriends after a long martini-involved dinner at Kona Grill on the Plaza. So it's funny to me, and I like this Parrot Sommelier Corkscrew from Alessi.

Anyway, sorry I've been out a few days. I've been a busy bee, but meant to do some posting last night except that C and I went to the gym around 6:15, and when we got home at 8, the power was out in our entire neighborhood. This wouldn't usually be that big of a problem for normal people, but unlike the rest of the world, I only had my garage door opener to get into the house. I don't have house keys.

My husband has his on his key chain, but I hate bulky key chains, so I never put mine on. So of course now I have no idea where they are, but I do know that we had no way to get into the house until the power was on. There were several power trucks around so we figured it wouldn't be long...we couldn't have been more wrong. After waiting in the car, checking all the doors and windows we could reach, and thinking of ways to break into our house, we went to the grocery store to kill some time. All the while thinking that it would be any minute now and the power would come back on. Wrong still. After killing time by driving around in other neighborhoods and hanging out at my mom's house we thought, surely it's back on, so at midnight we drove home. No power.

We finally had the bright idea to borrow our neighbor's ladder that is sitting on the side of their house, and try the two remaining windows that were high up that could possibly be open. First one, office window...not open. Last window before doing damage to our house...OPEN! C climbed in the master bedroom and we were in! Which was great except that the air conditioning (obviously) didn't work.
So there we were, unable to fall asleep in what felt like 100 degrees. So I took a cold shower and got back in bed with wet hair (which was reflected in my crazy hair today). Dozing in and out of a semi-sleep the power finally kicked back on sometime after 2 a.m.

I'm not sure how I got through my freshman year in the dorms with no air. Anyway, that is my long-winded and possibly filled with grammatical errors (which C likes to inform me of) story about why I didn't post last night. And also why the only two shows I watch didn't get DVR'd. If this is how the rest of the week is going to go, I'd like to start my weekend now please.

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