Mexican Fiesta @ Morgan's

Another dinner with my friends from work. This Mexican Fiesta was at Morgan's house, and it was actually before Tobe's dinner, but I wanted to post it also. Morgan's very cool e-invite above!

Dinner: Chicken Tostadas, Black Beans and Jicama Slaw

Dessert: Mango Tart with Vanilla Bean ice cream

Below: A glimpse of La Casa de Morgan.
The top three of these are Morgan's photos, the rest I took in bad lighting!

Lauren, Laura, Tobe

Me and Morgan

After doing several of these dinners, we kept asking each other for the recipes, so we decided to each get a recipe book, and for each recipe we bring to the dinner we are supposed to make a 4x6 recipe card to give to each person. This way we'll each have a book full of recipes designed or handwritten by whomever brought them. We have really good intentions of doing this...but we've all been pretty busy, so I finally threw one together to get the ball rolling. This is the salsa I brought to Morgan's fiesta. Funny thing is...everyone brought salsa! But they were all so different it didn't matter, and who can ever have too much salsa?!?

I got this Farm Stand Salsa recipe from the Food Network.

Note to Self: Handwriting 7 recipe cards makes your hand hurt! Space it out or do it on the computer!


to your Delight said...

love your friend morgan's house! (I am Coley's sister-in-law and got your blog from her site).

Blueprint Bliss said...

Love this post... from the photos of the house (all is great but esp adore the bookshelves and desk area) to the friend photos to the recipes...

Mango Gal said...

Where did she find that amazing and big picture with all the letters that you guys are standing in front of?

I love it, its perfect for my family room!

Meg Biram said...

Actually that's a funny and somewhat strange story, but she basically got from work. The letters were cut out of that piece of wood/board and it was a scrap. Tons of people were asking for it so they wouldn't give it to anyone, but she was persistent and continued to ask about it months later, so she ended up with it. One of a kind. Pretty cool though!

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