365 Days of Trash & The Uniform Project

Tree Hugger, Suz or Sooze

So this morning I was listening to the radio (96.5 The Buzz), and I heard an interview with Dave Chameides. Dave came up with the idea to keep all of his garbage and recycling for one year to see how much waste he creates and how he can change to avoid creating waste. He has a blog you can follow called 365 Days of Trash. Read in depth about his project here and here. You can also listen to him on NPR.

Hearing about Dave on the radio this morning also made me think about a girl who is doing what she calls The Uniform Project. She is wearing the same dress for one year (she has seven of the same dress so she can wash them), as an exercise in sustainable fashion. Read the details here. She is also using it as a fundraiser for the Akanasha Foundation, a movement that is revolutionizing education in India. So far she has raised $7,062.00 for the foundation. She takes donations of accessories to change up her "uniform" which is a black dress created by her friend and designer Eliza Starbuck. She documents her outfit each day and posts them on her site. Very cool idea!

*If you know of any creative eco-movements, please leave a comment with a link to them!


aileen said...

what a smart project! i especially love the dress with the blue tights. cute!


Dave said...

Just now saw this. Thanks for the nod.


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