Ed Hardy + Lisa Frank

So I was in Target the other day walking past the office supply aisle, which I have to force myself not to walk down because I LOVE office supplies! On one of the end-of-aisles there were these colorful folders that caught my eye because of, well, the color, and they said Ed Hardy. I was not introduced to Ed Hardy until a few months ago when my husband said something about Ed Hardy T-shirts (which let me clarify, he is NOT a fan of). So the brand is new to me, however, I picked up one of the folders and thought, man, these colors look so similar to my elementary school Lisa Frank folders, which I loved dearly...so upon further investigation (and the large Lisa Frank logo, I realized that this was a marriage of Lisa Frank and Ed Hardy. Which is two things: genius and somewhat shocking. I mean, do kids know the Ed Hardy brand? Am I that out-of-touch? So I had to have one, to support the concept of two very different styles combined into one, and a little nostalgia. And because I actually needed a folder.


Erika Jackson said...

Good eye! My mom just put a bunch of my Lisa Frank stationary in a garage sale - I never wanted to use it because I was afraid I would run out :) I guess I didn't run out!

Blueprint Bliss said...

Lisa Frank-- now that's a flashback!

Nathan said...

I was actually at Target today and I saw an Ed Hardy paper box or something.

For months I've been saying Ed Hardy is like a hardcore Lisa Frank/ Lisa Frank turned into a man.

I looked on the bottom of the box is said

Ed hardy
[Lisa frank logo]
online at www.lisafrank.com

I have a pic of it on my friend's phone.. odd, right?

azyzl said...

Actually, the stationary and notebooks and folders and stuff (basically the "paper goods" end of Ed Hardy) is licensed by Lisa Frank.

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