Oh Baby Baby

Couple of events to catch up on.
Above is Annie, me, and Holly, at Holly's Baby Shower. I cannot believe that my BF's from high school are both having their first baby! It's so crazy, especially since I am no where near wanting any kids, I can't fathom having a baby at home. Besides the bellies and boobies, they don't even look pregnant!

Megan's Bridal Shower
Marge, Beth, Megan (the bride), me, Brea

Obviously I didn't get the dark solid-color memo.

Ashley's KC Bachelorette Party
Ashley already feels like family, but it becomes official when she gets married my cousin Adam in September. Have you ever seen a cowboy-themed bachelorette party? It was hilarious! My cowgirl-themed wardrobe is small and most of it is winter clothing, so I went for the closest geographical neighbor...Mexico!
What happens on the party bus, stays on the party bus.

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