San Francisco :: Part 2 :: The Castro

You have now arrived in The Castro! All of those power-line-type things are for the Muni transit systems so they can be almost emission free!

Great organic restaurant.

The Castro Theatre
Wish I would have seen a show!

Really cool store. While I was in there I wanted to see a ring in a case, so I said, "Sir, can you show me this ring?" And the guy said, "Did she just sir me?" It was funny. He was a sweetheart and the store was awesome!

SF Lesson No. 3
There is no women's section in the Levi's store in The Castro. Only mens and unisex. And the skinny jeans are like 4 sizes smaller than normal ones...depressing.

1 comment:

Heidi said...

Size 4 skinny jeans! That's exactly the kind of jeans I imagine in San Fran.

"Did you just sir me?" Ha!

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