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I'm not sure I can stress enough how much I respect people who have figured out their passions in life and go for it. I think we should all do what we love, so when I see companies that started out of someone's passion, I want to do what I can for them to help spread the word. If the company has anything to do with fashion, design, interiors or art, those have a special place in my heart. Sseko Designs is one of those companies. Not only is Liz, the founder of Sseko, a Kansas City resident, but we actually have a lot of mutual friends, which makes this post a little more cool.

The goal of Sseko Designs is to provide university tuition for these promising young women through a sustainable monthly income, while also contributing to the overall economic development of Uganda.

Seeko does this by making unique, handmade sandals with interchangeable straps. Sseko partners with a girl's school in Kampala, Uganda and employs recent high school graduates to make these sandals as a way to earn money to continue on to University. They employ young women who otherwise would not have the opportunity to continue their education and are passionate about educating and empowering women, specifically in developing countries.

To read more about Sseko, the story, the women or to buy a pair for yourself, click here! I definitely need to get myself a pair with several different straps!

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Bess said...

These are great! I'm def going to get a pair for next summer!

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