Photo Booth: Wedding Theme

So last night I went to a bridal shower for Tobe. My very creative friends always come up with great ideas, so the theme for this shower was photo booth. For anything that's sort of a big deal we make photo booth photos, frame them, and give them to whomever of the seven of us has the big thing going on...my "big thing" hasn't happened yet. They say it has to be something like, getting married (been there, done that), turning 30 (3 years and 28 days away from that), or other things including parking garages that I won't speak of. Anyway, this photo booth is for Tobe. I (far left) was reenacting getting engaged. They always turn out so fun, so I felt the need to post it. There was also a pseudo-photo booth set up at the shower with props. Not sure if those photos will make the blog...there was wine involved, and some Elton John glitter glasses.
*Me, Laura, Lauren, Carrie, Morgan, Amy

1 comment:

laura said...

the photo booths are so so fun!!! i'm downloading the ones with props and will make you a cd stat!!! thanks for such a fun & entertaining evening!

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