Things that make you go...

And yes, pink lacquer makes me go... Barbie and Jonathan Adler got together and made some hot pink lacquer magic and other items that seriously kick some ass. I can admit my love for pink, so I think it's fairly obvious I'm obsessed with these products. I'd like some Jonathan Adler in every room of my house!

Barbie Richard Nixon Throw

Barbie Lacquer Tray

Barbie plates

Barbie Lacquer Soap Dish

Barbie Accessory Pack This is the coolest Barbie accessory ever!

Barbie Lacquer Tissue Box

Barbie Eyelashs Canister

Barbie Lacquer Stash Box


Kate said...

OMG! Obsessed!


Living and Loving In L.A. said...

If that Barbie accessory pack is Barbie-sized, I would have been smitten with it as a kid. Actually, I kind of want it right now anyways!

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