Tobe + Eric = Wedding Love

LOVED the sign Tobe made for guests to seat themselves.

The aisle was off to the side, adorned with giant pom poms in different shades of pink.

The view at Orchard Hill B&B was gorgeous. C was watching the deer were running in the fields as the sun went down.

I made C take a few photos with the beautiful background!

The tables were decorated with green apples and pears, which doubled as the party favors. I'm so sad I forgot to grab my brown sack of fruit! The blue bottles Tobe and Eric have been collecting for a while, had the table letters on them and were filled with water.

Our table card with the napkin and menu on orange plates.

The table cards were hung on colorful ribbons with clothespins as you walked onto the patio.

Dinner under a lit tent with yummy Mexican food.

We grabbed the bride for quick group shot.

The cake was hand-painted and sculpted by friends of the bride, Mirna and Amy.

Watching Tobe & Eric cut the cake.

The dance floor was on the large back patio after the cake was cut.

Tobe and Eric's last name is Reed, so they collect R's. This one lit up the bar.

One of the guests, and a dear friend of Tobe's, drew her own gift wrap.

I forgot to wear wedges...my stilettos kept sinking into the ground. Oops!
*Photos taken by me, please link back to Mimi&Meg and Tobe if you use them. Thanks!

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paula said...

that cake is over the top gorgeous!

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