Home Tour: Puerto Rican Getaway

The reason I thought to post this home today is because I had a dream last night about when C and I went to Puerto Rico last year right around this time, and we visited a little island off Puerto Rico called Vieques. This dream reminded me that the July/August 2009 issue of Metropolitan Home featured a home from Vieques that I thought was so cool. It is the home of textile designer Donna Gorman and Swedish-born financier Roger Johansson. Gorman spent more than 20 years at the Finnish design house Marimekko before starting her own company Donna Gorman Design. Gorman and Johansson knew they wanted architect John Hix, to design their Vieques home. Hix, has an eco-friendly home on Vieques where he spends part of the year with his wife. Read below how Gorman and Johansson's home is eco-friendly.

I wanted to write about why this home is so eco-friendly, but couldn't say it better than how it was stated in the article in Metropolitan Home, written by Raul Barreneche.

With abundant sunshine, much higher electricity rates than on the U.S. mainland and difficulty reaching existing utilities, Vieques is a perfect place for a solar-powered house. To avoid the long and costly connection to the nearest electrical lines, John Hix suggested that his clients go offgrid and power the house entirely with electricity generated by the sun. The architect mounted three sets of photovoltaic panels, tilted to catch maximum rays, on the roof. One powers a 50-gallon water heater, another the pool pump and filter system and the third generates enough power, stored in large batteries, to run lights, appliances and ceiling fans. To save additional energy, a small cascade that flows into the pool (part of the filtration system, typically a huge energy guzzler) runs only in full sunlight. “We live perfectly comfortably with full solar,” says Gorman.

*Photographs by Peter Murdock
*Article by Raul Barreneche

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