Holiday Shopping

I don't have my own pair yet. For a while I refused to fall into the Ugg trance, but now that they are past the new cool thing stigma, and they are still around, I can't see going through another Missouri winter without them. These Bailey Button UGG's are my favorite right now! I think they are pretty vital for long holiday shopping excursions and winter dog-walking.

***Note as of 12/1: My mom is getting me these for Christmas! Woo Hoo!


ann said...

I'm south of you (in MO) but I totally agree ... the uggs are a must for Missouri winters ... which start tomorrow or so it seems.

Stay warm!

sarah said...

You will love them every time you step foot in them. No socks and cozy toes even in the coldest of weather! :) Enjoy ( once you get your first pair.. you'll never go with out them )xo

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