Spook Spectacular

I went to a great Halloween Party with spooky décor, spiked cider and hilarious costumes! See for yourself...

Me as Rachel Zoe
I actually owned most of the items for this costume, so it was pretty easy to put together.

Skulls and streamers upon entering the bathroom

My dinner party gals: (back row) me as Rachel Zoe, Lauren as Julia Childs, Morgan as Wendy, (front row) Tobe as Jill from Jack & Jill, Amy as a Dia de los Muertos Skeleton, Laura as Russel from Pixar's "UP", and Carrie as Simon from Simon & Garfunkel

Skeleton hanging from a chandelier

Hosts Mischa & Amy; Guests Mirna & Chris

Photo booth setup

My favorite photo of the night: Morgan & Dan dressed as Wendy & Ronald McDonald

Amy & Mischa had covered every inch of their artsy loft in spiderwebs and Halloween décor.

A truly memorable costume. Laura and Eric came as Russel and Carl Fredricksen from Pixar's "Up". Read more about this handmade costume here.

Even the food was made in spirit of spooky. Amy made homemade bat-shaped tortilla chips. Laura made mummy-wrapped cupcakes. Creative people for sure.

Carrie & Zack came as Simon & Garfunkel; Eric & Tobe as Jack & Jill (I think we all know now how "Jack fell down and broke his crown..."

Kitsky is one of Amy & Mischa's cats. Monkey stayed hidden most of the night, but not Kitsky, he was in the middle of the action. Seriously big cat. So funny!

Me as Rachel Zoe & C; Me and Lauren as Julia Childs

1 comment:

Heidi said...

OHMYGOD. How creative and hip are you people?
I'm so impressed – not just with the COSTUMES, but the photo booth concept and the decor! AMAZING. You rocked the Rachel Zoe look. And Ronald McDonald and Wendy are hot.

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