Things I learned in 2009

2442, Rex Ray

1. That life changes more than you can try to predict.

2. That Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice from Concentrate helps you sleep! This natural product has high levels of melatonin that relax my entire body. Literally changed my life. Read more cherry juice or purchase online here. You can also get it at the refrigerated health food section of HyVee or Health Food Stores.

3. That cleaning out my office (shredding files, going through paperwork, doing tear-outs from my large stack of magazines) takes a really really long time.

4. That a Neti Pot can cure a 4-day sinus pressure headache. If you can get over the awkward feeling, it's totally worth it! I love natural remedies. Get one here.

5. That I don't have to do everything perfectly all the time. Being a perfectionist, this one took some getting used to, but it's exhausting always doing everything!

6. That I'd rather rent a loft with less square feet than own a home (at least for now). Fixing up and maintaining a home is expensive and tiring. And even after you have most of it done, all you see is the flaws and think about what you wish you would have done.

7. That simplifying and paring down your belongings is so freeing.

*See What I learned in 2008 here.


myfirstgarage.com said...

Funny you should mention a Netty Pot - Just this morning in Austin, my Allergies went CRAZY! So I did a bit of research and added one to my shopping list for today.

ms. less is always more said...

just found your blog... love it! I'll have to try some of that Cherry juice! It seems I can never sleep great!

Living and Loving in L.A. said...

It's so good to take time and reflect...I love your list! And I am also a big fan of natural remedies!!!
Here's to 2010!!!

bagslag said...

I will definately try the Cherry Juice, it sounds fabulous!!

avant garde said...

great list of realizations! :) some of those are true for me too. gets me thinking for sure. as i get older, i see that perfection is something of a waste of time and that yes, paring down is freeing! happy new year :)

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