SFMOMA :: GAP Founders Donation

I guess I'll just have to make another trip to San Francisco! The founders of the GAP, Don and Doris Fisher, donated their 1,100-piece art collection to the SFMOMA. The museum is celebrating their 75th Anniversary and trying to raise $480 million to triple the gallery space. Read detailed article at WWD.

Note 1 (from Three Notes of Salalah) by Cy Twombly, 2005-2007


Maddie said...

I just met Doris Fisher last week. They are also hugely generous with their philathropy, funding the Fisher Fellowship which is a principal program for KIPP schools.

MissMolly said...

I think *technically* that would just be Doris Fisher, as Don passed away last year.. unless the donation was made before his passing!

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