G is for Go

Go check your carbon monoxide detector, and if you don't have one, GO get one...today. This morning mine went off and I felt dizzy. I'm totally fine, but I see now how people can easily get poisoned because I immediately felt dizzy.

Apparently there is a bird and his nest in the vent that goes outside from my water heater, so the carbon monoxide couldn't get out and came back into my house. Lovely. 

I spent the morning in my pajamas, standing on my driveway, waving down the fire trucks that had the wrong address.

Not a dull moment, and I don't even have kids!

Get a detector and put it above the doors in all bedrooms.
*Image from svennnn on flickr

1 comment:

A Perfect Gray said...

wow! glad you are OK, and thanks for the wake-up call...

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