New York City Virgin No More

My NYC virginity will be taken in May! I am so excited! Can you believe I almost MOVED there after college, and I've still never even been there!?! I don't even believe myself! It's a sin really.
I'd love to get all of your opinions on where I should go, eat, shop, etc.! I'm definitely wanting non-toursity type of places. Please comment so I can put my list together!
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MissMolly said...

Fellow virgin here... but I'll gladly help you out with any Vegas questions you may have :)

What are you going for?

Katie said...

My roommates & I liked Sea in Bedford, Brooklyn (just across the bridge on the L-train). Go for lunch to beat the crowd & enjoy the shops in the area. Another day, you could grab a picnic lunch at the Whole Foods by Central Park and then wander through to get to the Met. You'll love NY!

Mary Catherine said...

Oh my gracious, you are just going to LOVE it!
I lived there 2 summers ago and still fondly refer to it as the greatest summer that ever was.

Some of the touristy things are fun to do while you are there :)
Definitely walk across the Brooklyn bridge at sunset and eat dinner!
Once you cross over there is a restaurant called River Cafe with the most breathtaking views of the city all lit up at night. The restaurant is right on the water and directly underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. You'll be speechless. Reservations are recommended and it is fairly expensive.
But so worth it!

In Manhattan, visit the MET and Central Park. Go to cocktail hour on the rooftop of the Met if you have time.

Visit Greenwich Village and wander down the Hudson River if you have a chance. And if you are there on a Sunday night, go to the Upright Citizen's Brigade Comedy Club for ASSSCAT. SNL cast members appear regularly for improv sketches. The early show is $10 and the 9:30 show is free. Pick up Tasti-D-Lite on the way and get there early to get in!

Have so much fun!!

Shalyn said...

I used to live there and get requests for recommendations all of the time...so I put together a little Google Map of spots.


Enjoy your trip!

Olivia said...

that's super exciting you'll be coming to good ol' nyc. if you're looking for a delicious italian restaurant that isn't too expensive but has an awesome atmosphere and great view--go to a voce at columbus circle. it's delicious. i also recommend alice's tea cup (there are three locations) for a huge assortment of tea and scones. i don't live downtown so i'm sure there are "cooler" places to go, but both these spots have become favorites. where are you staying?

Megan Biram said...

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much!

pennyrounds said...

So exciting! I've always wondered what it feels like to be there for the very first time, especially as an adult. Please take lots of pictures and share your experiences!

carita212 said...

I just emailed you a huge list of suggestions- I've been living in NYC for 5 years and love it. Have a great time!!

Anonymous said...

Couple places of the top of my head-

Milk Bar- Best compost cookies and pork buns!
Ace Hotel for No. 7 Sub Shop and Stumptown Coffee
Mandarin Hotel for tea that overlooks Columbus Circle. Amazing views for the price!
202 for French Toast

Here is a great blog for NYC

alissa said...

So fun! I went in october and did a few posts - you have to check out some of these restaurants!

tracy said...

I am a NYer and you are going to love it here. I'm also a designer and love offering advice on the best stuff to do and see here. So, knowing your posts I'm going to recommend a few things. SHOP-1. ABC Carpet and Home 2.Anthropologie in Rock Cntr. 3. SOHO. EAT-1. The Breslin @ the Ace Hotel 2.the bar @ Balthazar 3.Otto Enoteca for pizza. 3. SEE- 1.Cooper Hewitt Design Museum 2.MAD-museum of art and design 3.Metropolitan Museum of Art 4. WALK- 1.over the Bklyn Bridge 2.into Central Park 3.The Highline Park

Elizabeth Baddeley said...

You are going to LOVE it! Wanna go apartment hunting for me while you're there?

never sent said...

hi! you're going to love it. it is fabulous like your blog. :)

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