Bon Voyage

I usually pack too much, but for this trip I decided lugging a heavy bag (or bags) around the big apple wouldn't be fun, so I've attempted to pack light. A medium sized roller bag, and just my purse. Yikes! I feel so...light!
I love really classic luggage. Tan, white, brown and black. It makes me feel like I'm headed to Cannes or getting on a yacht. I'm not going to France, nor do I have gorgeous luggage like this, but a girl can dream. 

*Clockwise: Want Organic™ for J.Crew; BCBG Canvas Weekender; Steamline Luggage Ambassador SeriesGlobe-Trotter® at J.Crew 


Mariska Meijers said...

Enjoy your light trip!

Angie said...

Love the classic style luggage. Have you seen the adorable kids versions from Land of Nod? Oh, I've got to pick some up!

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